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The Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra

This is the story about a Danish band that found their roots in the Caribbean - in the former Danish colonies there...

Long time ago, Denmark possessed a small group of islands in the Caribbean - The Virgin Islands also known as St.Thomas, St.Croix and St.John. The islands were sold to the USA back in 1917, but when the Danes left the islands, they left something behind - the MUSIC ! Even today it's possible to hear vestiges of Danish music there, but something strange has happened: It has fusioned with the local calypso-rhythms in a quite unique way, creating a brand new style only to be named "POLCALYPSO" (polca + calypso = polcalypso)

In 1988, bandleader Kazio Kierpaul coincidently dropped over this music, and being heavily inspired he formed the band Karlekammeret - The Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra, and introduced this music to Europe.

Since then his band has performed live on all kinds of stages in Europe and the Caribbean, and has been broadcasted by an innumerable number of radio-stations in Europe and America..

POLCALYPSO - "exotic" music from the old colonies in the Caribbean, sounding very well known for European ears... An echo of the former colony dancing halls, performed in a very contemporary way by The Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra..... The only one of its kind in Europe.