In september theU.S.Virgin Islands Grand Old Man, Mr. James "Jamesie" Brewster visits Denmark, and a larger tour is taking place. Live CD is recorded and released in November


In the spring the band is once again on tour at the U.S.Virgin Islands. in the Carribean


The band is touring the Danish Summer Festivals, performing at the Roskilde Festival, Skanderborg Festival etc.


The recordings with James Brewster from 1995 is released in january as the 4'th album of the band "Live feat. James "Jamesie" Brewster". Tour in England in June and Finland in July.


Tours in May and September. In july the band is supporting the Calypso King Mighty Sparrow at the Falun Folk Festival in Sweeden. The band is paricipating on the Compilation-CD "World Music from Denmark".


The band returns home after a succesfull tour to the U.S.Virgin Islands. The bands third album on the european World music charts. The band is participating on the compilation -CD "Folk Music from Denmark", released worldwide by the Danish Music Information Centre (MIC). The band does a tour in Poland with direct TV-transmission to 38 millions of Poles. In August the band has a gueststar visiting from U.S.Virgin Islands, the Grand Old Man of Polcalypso-music Mr. James "Jamesie" Brewster. The Danish Radio makes a recording of this event which is to come as compact disc.


The bands name is changed to "The Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra", the bands third album "POLCALYPSO III" is released in november, the band is invited to perform at the carnival in St.Croix, U.S.Virgin Is. which takes place from christmas '94 to the 7'th of january '95. The band does a tour in Denmark with 42 gigs in one month...


The bandleader, Kazio Kierpaul is back in St.Croix, U.S.Virgin Is. bringing a lot of new inspiration home to Denmark. The band is participating on the compilation-CD "Songs and tunes from Denmark" , which is presented world-wide at the MIDEM music mass in Cannes. The Jazz-scene in Denmark discovers the band, the band discovers a new scene...


In the spring the band is on tour at the U.S.Virgin Is. in the Carribean - with an overwhelming succes... In 12 days the band plays 11 concerts, has a lot of jamming with the local calypso-bands, is broadcasted daily by the TV-channels of the islands as well as the WSTA and the WSTX radio-stations..


The second album ,"POLCALYPSO II" is released in the early spring and is called "The best Danish export-good since the invention of butter" by the chief of the T√łnder Folk Festival, Carsten Panduro... In August the band is on tour in Holland and Belgium with great succes. It appears that the first album is being very well received in the U.S.Virgin Is. - the "homeland" of the music - and in october the band receives an invitation to perform there by the governor, Alexander A. Farrelly himself.


The band is representing Denmark at the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Contemporary Folk Festival in the former (!) Yugoslavia, and is broadcasted from this occasion by a large number of national European radio stations. In Denmark, the number of gigs increases, including the Roskilde Festival and a number of other major music festivals. The band is broadcasted live by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation very often..


The band is broadcasted Live by the nationwide Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and does a lot of gigs at festivals in Denmark. By the end of the year the first album, "POLCALYPSO ", is released.


Heavily inspired by a tape he receives from a friend, Kazio Kierpaul formes the band Karlekammeret in November. From the first concert the succes was overwhelming...